Translation - Boy With Luv (A Poem for Small Things)

I’m curious about everything, how’s your day?
Oh, tell me
What makes you happy?
Oh, text me

Your every picture
I want them at my bedside
Come be my teacher
Please teach me everything about you
Your 1, your 2

Listen my, my baby I’m
Flying high in that sky
with the two wings that you gave me back then
Right now, this place is up so high
I want to look you in the eyes
Yeah you makin’ me a boy with love

Oh my my my, oh my my my
I’ve waited all my life
I want to do everything with you
Looking for something right
Now I understand a little

I want something stronger
Than a moment, than a moment love
I have waited longer
For a boy with, for a boy with love

After I came to know you, my life is all about you
You’re a star that’s made trivial things no longer trivial
Everything from one to ten is special
From your interests, your walk, the way you speak, to your trivial habits

They all said that the me who was so small became a hero
I’m telling you, from the beginning, fate wasn’t mine
World peace (no way)
Great orde…

Translation - Make It Right

The moment I became aware of myself
I had to leave
I had to go search
All day, all night

Crossing the desert and the sea
I’ve wandered around
this wide, wide world
Baby, I

I could make it better
I could hold you tighter
On that long road
Oh, you’re the light

Without being invited
Without being welcomed
The one and only person who appreciated me

This never-ending night that I can’t even see the end of
You gifted me with the morning
Can I hold that hand now?
Oh, I can make it right

All right
All right
Oh I can make it right
All right
All right
Oh I can make it right

I became a hero in this world
The big acclamations that find me
And the trophies and golden mic in my hands
All day, everywhere
But everything is about reaching out to you
The answer to my journey
is that I sing to find you
Baby to you

A little taller than I was before
My voice is becoming a little stronger
To return everything back to you
I now spread out the map of you
My rehab
Look at me, why don’t you recognize me?
I don’t want to hear

Translation - Dionysus

Drink it up
alcohol glass (sippin’), arms linked (tippin’)
one mouthful
Thyrsus (grippin’) grapes (eatin’)
Drink it up
atmosphere (keep it) D style (rip it)
one mouthful
Here (kill it, let’s steal it, the illest)

Just get drunk, like Dionysus
alcohol glass in one hand
thyrsus in the other
Inside the transparent crystal glass
my art is up to the brim
Art is also a drink
If you drink it, you’ll get drunk, fool
You dunno, you dunno, you dunno what to do with
I’ll show you, I’m pushing something totally different
A mic made from a rough tree and ivy
There’s never a sound
from just one breath

Until the sun rises, where’s the party at?
Until I sleep, where’s the party at?
Sing it, sing it again
Drink it, drink it again
We’re born twice

(Drink it up)
The agony of creation
(one mouthful)
The angry scolding of this generation
(Drink it up)
Communicate with me
(One mouthful)
Okay, now I’m ready for sure

Drink, drink, drink, drink all of my glass
Everybody fall, fall, fall for the crazy artist
One glass (one sh…

Translation - Jamais Vu

I think I’ve lost again
You look angry
A wavering game over, over, over
If this were a game
I could just load it again but
I guess I gotta deal with this
deal with this
real world

I would rather this be a game
because it hurts too much
I need to heal my medic
But I’m another star
It’s my fault, because I’m imperfect
Brake in my head
Brake in my step, always
I wanted to do well
I wanted to make you smile

Please give me a remedy
A remedy that can start a stopped heart
What should I do now?
Please save me. Please give me a chance again.
Please give me a

A remedy, a melody
A memory that will only be left with me
If I stop for now
if I turn it off, will everything become comfortable?
It’s okay, but it’s not okay
I told myself to get used to it, but
it always hurts like it’s the first time

I’m a gamer who’s lacking
Right, I can’t control it
It keeps hurting cause
trial, error, and 50,000 things
My song lyrics, gestures,
all the words I say
I’ve become afraid of my jamais vu
I always intend to run away

Translation - 소우주 (Mikrokosmos)

The twinkling stars
Buildings with flickering lights
We’re shining
In each room, on each star

Some lights are ambition
Some lights are wandering
People’s lights
are all precious

In the dark night,
don’t feel lonely
Like stars,
we all shine
Don’t disappear
because your existence is huge
Let us shine

Maybe this night’s expression
is again so beautiful
not because of the stars or the starlight
but because of us

You got me
When I look at you, I dream
I got you
in the nights that are pitch black
The lights we’ve seen from each other,
we were saying the same things.

The starlight that shines more in the deepest night
The starlight that shines more in the deepest night
The starlight shines as much as the night is deep

There’s one history for each person
There’s one star for each person
Shining with seven billion lights
seven billion worlds

The city night view of seven billion lives
might be the night of different city
Our individual dreams, let us shine
You shine brighter than anyone

Maybe this night’s expre…

Translation - Home Lyrics

In this crazy excitement,
I couldn’t even say hello
Yeah I’m going out baby
The entire world is my home

Crazy for myself
I left the house
Like everything was going to be fine, when that door opened
Like I was going to show you some example
I hope all of this fantasy
doesn’t end in a mirage

Oh yeah, I did it, me, shine
with flashin’ lights
Got lotta friends
A quiet and still place
Sure, I remember,
the time when I thought I could do it all
I saw the ocean, yeah
Before I even opened this door

The more you fill something up, the emptier it is
The more you’re together (with someone), the more you feel alone
Half-closed eyes, a night where I can’t sleep
The place where you are

Maybe that place is my home
with you I’mma feel rich
Right there is my home
Turn your switch on beforehand

Even if we don’t speak, it’ll be comfortable
If you’re only there, everything will become home
You know I want that
You know you got that

Your love your love your love
I miss that
Your love your love your love
I want that
Your touch y…

[Review] BTS Love Yourself in Seoul Concert Film

Following the cinematic release of BTS’s Burn the Stage documentary, a film version of their Love Yourself concert saw a limited release on January 26, 2019. The film played in theaters across the U.S. (as well as many other countries) in regular theaters as well as some Screen X theaters, where the 270-degree screen upped the immersive quality of the experience. Regardless of what type of theater the film is viewed in, watching BTS’s concert on the big screen is an enveloping, moving experience.

The film was shot at the first night of BTS’s sold-out concert in Korea at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium. Estimated attendance for the show was roughly 45,000 (the stadium holds around 70,000, but some seats were unavailable due to their location behind the stage). Throughout the entirety of the Love Yourself world tour, an estimated 800,000 fans saw the show live.

The film opens with the same pre-recorded VCR shown at the opening of the live shows, this time with cuts of the audiences from the tour…